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Knowledge Quotations

Quotes About Knowledge

"How can a man love knowledge and also ease? Would you be
learned, then abandon ease: either give up your knowledge or your indolence".
                                                                                                          Mahabharata, (Vyasa).

"Knowledge in its entirety is not found in any single person".
                                                                                                     Mahabharata, (Vyasa).

"The mind must be restrained in its heart till it comes to an end
that is knowledge, that is liberty. All the rest are extensions of the ties binding us to this life".
                                                                                                         Maitreya Brahmana Upanishad.

"Knowledge is like a sand-spring: the deeper you dig and draw therefrom the more excellent will be its flow".

"A Wise man shall make use of even a child's sensible utteerance".
                                                                                                 Kautilya, Arthashastra (Chanakhya).

"Faultlessly acquire Knowledge and abide by it".