Swami Chinmayananda Quotes and Philosophy Quotes

Swami chinmayananda quotations


"The guru is nothing but pure consciousness, Bliss and eternal wisdom".                                                                                                           Swami Chinmayananda.


"Real Men of success are people who have the heroism to fuel more and more enthusiasm in their work when they are faced with more challenges".


"What is beautiful is not always good, but what is good is always beautiful".


"Divinity should not be given to you from somewhere else. The Upanishad thunders "Thou Art That".


"Efficiency is the ability to bring expertise in speech".


"Perfume sandalwood even ax Hews down! The more we rub sandalwood against As tone, the more spread fragrance, burn, and he wears his fame throughout the hood. Neighbor Such is the enchanting beauty of forgiveness in life".


"Faith is belief in what I do not know now, so I can come soon enough for what I believe in".


"What we have is a gift from Him. What we do with what we have is our gift to him".


"Try now! with tireless enthusiasm, strive to achieve your goal
Without a purpose, the better you can never go out of expression".


"Happiness depends on what you can give, not what you can get".


"Humility is the virtue of the culture".


To "listen" is not only "hear" us in life "hear", but very rarely do we know how to "listen". To "listen" is to "hear" with alertness and attention of consciousness.


"Love is something to be respected and supported by loving. Loving only love can be made to grow and flourish".


"Opportunities in life come to all of us almost all the time, they come in streams, in host and knocking at our doors, we are either "out" or sleeping "in". Be alert, Be aware, be prepared to make use of them".


"Service in this world is the highest prayer loving people around us is the greatest devotion".


"Tranquility is the Truth, Truth is beauty beauty is happiness and bliss is divine".


"Vedanta is the art of living, and it can be continued at all times to all places, whether in your own home or in a factory or in the rice fields".


"It is pointless to waste time. Considering that love to worship God in any form It is the sincere devotion that counts".


"Any attempt to raise the spirit of the low values ​​of this existence is in better health and diet diviner life is Yoga".

Young and old

"The young with its dynamism can serve the world, but only the former with its Thapas can reach truth".

"The mind itself is MAYA at play".

"Renounce your ego" is one application of the Lord. "And I will make you God" is the promise

"Deception can only come from those who make an appointment with the future".

"The true guru is the pure intellect inside, and purify the mind is deeply aspiring disciple".

"We may often give without love, but you can never love without giving".

"The quality of mind would be how the ego would react to a given challenge".

"The facts are simple raw materials to build a relationship between the teacher and the taught. The real work of teaching is to weave a web of relationships with your ideas and attach it to so many points of student life that becomes a part of it. The talks are the canopy of words that spread from the mouth to the ear of the student. But the real truth transaction takes place under this roof auspicious words between the heart of the teacher and the taught".

"Whatever the man of realization is the moral code for us to follow. The qualities of his actions are the standards by which the world determines its sense of justice, the concept of Dharma".

"Yes, God is still, because there is no place where it is not. When a child is sitting on the lap of his mother, he may cry for a million things, but he can not mourn his mother to come. We are all in the lap of infinite truth. It is closer than your own lashes. There is no distance between you and her".

"Live morality before you talk to him. Practicing meditation before you preach. Goodness taste before you recommend. Gain bliss before you offer to others".

"Scriptures are not just books for intellectual studies. We must learn to assimilate these ideas and come up with the living".