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Inspirational quotes

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Inspirational Quote by Tulasidas

"All the sleepers in a night of delution beholding so many dreams. In this world of darkness, only those who sever themselves from the meterial world, become absorbed in the contemplation of the supreme. None can be regarded as really woken up from sleep till they have renounced all sensuous delights".

"When aGodly Shower of Inspiration falls, each verse become a lovely pearl".

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Inspirational Quotes in Upanishad

"In the dissolution of the world he alone remaines awake".
                                                                     Maitrayani Upanishad.

"Arise awake and learn by approaching the excellent ones".

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Swami vivekananda quotes

"Awake, arise and stop not till the goal is reached".
                                                                   Swami Vivekananda.

"Merit alone, not savage violence, Inspires Love".